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I am Kathryn Page (Kat according to IG and close friends), an image maker, storyteller and cat mum. However I consider myself a teacher at heart. My intention with every conversation, every photo, every video, every thing I share on social media— and when allowed with the creative freedom for brands and celebrities—is to create an “ah ha” moment where the person consuming the product feels something, making them think differently or inspired by the person or brand being captured to them go and inspire others. Creating a book of images that gives a voice to the relevant thoughts of culture as a whole is the goal one day.

While I started my photography career in fashion, I have been more drawn to bridging the gab between fashion, commercial, celebrities and brands with a photo journalism essence over time. With a wide span of inspiration, sourced from paintings, movies, dance, travel and literature, I love being able to bring together different mediums and inspire a new way of collaborating.

Clients include: Teen Vogue, Vogue, Walgreens, CFDA, Marc Jacobs, In style Magazine, 1883 Magazine, Collective Hub Magazine, Metamucil, Shape Magazine, Amazon, Papyrus, IMG Digital, Jay Ellis, Kylie Jenner, Karla Souza, LL Cool J, Olivia Holt and many more.