Café Boulangerie - Alfred's Coffee (aka my office away from the office)

Sooo I was doing a shoot on this little street off Melrose called Melrose Place; it was 7am freezing and we were waiting on hair and makeup to be finished, 2 girls came out and asked us if we wanted to set up inside and have some coffee before we shoot, introducing my love for Alfred's coffee . It is previously famous for it fancy stores such as Chloé and Isabel Marant and it's "place to be seen" Sunday Farmers Market. Swoops in Alfreds coffee house and BOOM it's really the only logical reason you would get up early just to make sure you get a meter parking spot on Melrose Pl. 

I love it so much and believe is their vibes I recently ran into one of my favorite photographers Nick Onken and recommended he go their the next time he's in LA. Here is my documentation of Alfred's Coffee 


Café Boulangerie


My name is Kathryn Page and I am here to share what I love and what I think the world has to offer. I love all good things.

On this blog you will get a little bit of everything. A little simplicity, a little grunge and a little chic, just depends on what mood I am in. And to the people who know me best can testify that my mood changes quite often. 

So here we go, I am currently obsessed with finding the best tasting, best looking and friendliest  coffee house/ bakery in LA.


Lets start with Go Get em Tiger - Larchmont village, Los Angeles, CA

Prices: $$

Atmosphere: 2 out of 3 thumbs up

Staff: If it is any consolation, the guys in the photo, Chris (I learned later) made me a latte just so I could photograph it! 

Food: NOM! - And the iced coffee was delicious